Precise welding points Teaching


Electrode position

Visual display of the angular position deviation of the electrode +/- 3 degrees to the 90 degree position from electrode to component. Prerequisite for a spatter-free Parmater optimization and optimal ultrasonic testability.


With the LED O-ring for the light signal, shunts are a thing of the past. The O-ring serves as a spacer to the flange. This ensures a minimum distance of 2mm.

Live view

Avoidance of weld spatter

85% of the weld spatter results from a deviation of more than 3 degrees from the 90 degree position of the welding cap to the joining plate

Avoiding errors in ultrasonic testing

A clean electrode impression is a prerequisite for the ultrasound tester for correct image evaluation


The LED ring serves as a visualization element and at the same time as a placeholder to maintain the edge distance of 2mm to the flange

High-quality materials

Body made of stainless steel with hardened sensitivity plunger and long-life battery cell

Visual deviation indicator

360 degree LED ring, the green glowing shows compliance with the teach tolerance

Highest manufacturing standards

Each teach cap is measured before delivery to ensure the degree of deviation ordered

Teach cap for welding tongs

Item no.: TC16L22G3V01, electrode diameter 16mm

Item no.: TC16L23G3V01, electrode diameter 16mm

Item no.: TC16L25G3V01, electrode diameter 16mm

Total length:        22/23/25 mm

Sensitivity: 3 degrees

Teach cap for welding tongs

Part No.: TC20L24G3V01, electrode diameter 20mm

Part no.: TC20L27G3V01, electrode diameter 20mm

Total length: 24/27 mm

Sensitivity:< 3 degrees

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